Financial Information

Statement of IncomeUNITYE2023Q1/2024
Current RatioTimes1.031.12
Gross Profit Margin%16.47%17.95%
Net Profit Margin%5.53%7.33%
Return on Equity(ROE)%7.14%8.13%
Return on Assets(ROA)%3.94%4.76%
Debt to EquityTimes0.740.68
Debt Service Coverrage RatioTimes2.082.32
Cash CycleTimes15.2111.42
(1) Current ratio = current assets / current liabilities
(2) Gross profit margin = gross profit (loss) for the period / sales and services income, x 100
(3) Net profit margin = profit (loss) for the period / total revenue, x 100
(4) Return on equity = Profit (loss) for the year / average total shareholder’s equity, x 100 (8)
(5) Return on assets = profit (loss) for the period / average total assets, x 100 (8)
(6) Net interest-bearing debt to equity = Total net interest bearing debt / total shareholders’ equity
(7) Debt service coverage ratio = EBITDA + Cash and cash equivalents + Current investments / Proceeds from (repayment of) bank overdrafts and short-term loans + Repayment of long-term loans +
(8) The reference financial ratio is calculated on an annualized basis
Balance SheetYE2023Q1/2024
Total Assets1,423.531,407.07
Total Liabilities603.33570.04
Total Equity820.19837.03
Statement of IncomeQ1/2023Q1/2024
Total Revenues ¹200.79229.81
Total Expenses ²172.51203.45
Net Profit (Loss)20.1016.84
Basic Earning Per Share0.030.02
(1)    From 2021 onwards, total revenue is calculated as the sum of sales and service income
(2)    Total Expenses = Cost of sales and rendering of services + Selling and distribution expenses + Administrative expenses
(3)    Basic EPS = Profit (Loss) for the period / weighted average of common shares outstanding during the period.