Financial Information

Statement of IncomeUNIT2022Q3/2023
Current RatioTimes0.831.17
Gross Profit Margin%18.07%17.52%
Net Profit Margin%7.83%6.35%
Return on Equity(ROE)%15.44%7.91%
Return on Equity(ROA)%7.63%4.31%
Debt to EquityTimes0.960.77
Debt Service Coverrage RatioTimes2.632.04
Cash CycleTimes6.903.63
Balance Sheet201820192020Q3/2021
Total Assets152,176147,212144,979191,619
Total Liabilities113,468106,001107,06394,747
Total Equity38,70741,21037,91696,872
Statement of Income201820192020Q3/2021
Total Revenues ¹594,128577,134428,804353,960
Total Expenses ²587,499569,548420,942344,662
Net Profit (Loss)9,49310,8958,7919,121
Basic Earning Per Share0.601.210.980.79
(1)    From 2021 onwards, total revenue is calculated as the sum of sales and service income
(2)    Total Expenses = Cost of sales and rendering of services + Selling and distribution expenses + Administrative expenses
(3)    Basic EPS = Profit (Loss) for the period / weighted average of common shares outstanding during the period.
Statement of IncomeUNIT2018201920209M/2021
Current Ratio ¹Times1.
Gross Profit Margin ²%
Net Profit Margin ³%1.61.922.6
Return on Equity (ROE) ⁴%27.432.722.917.4
Return on Equity (ROA) ⁵%
Net Interest Bearing Debt to Equity (Net IBD/E) ⁶Times1.70.71.1(0.1)
Debt Service Coverage Ratio ⁷Times2.
(1)   Current ratio = current assets / current liabilities
(2)   Gross profit margin = gross profit (loss) for the period / sales and services income, x 100
(3)   Net profit margin = profit (loss) for the period / total revenue, x 100
(4)   Return on equity = Profit (loss) for the year / average total shareholder’s equity, x 100 (8)
(5)   Return on assets = profit (loss) for the period / average total assets, x 100 (8)
(6)   Net interest-bearing debt to equity = Total net interest bearing debt / total shareholders’ equity
(7)   Debt service coverage ratio = EBITDA + Cash and cash equivalents + Current investments / Proceeds from (repayment of) bank overdrafts and short-term loans + Repayment of long-term loans +
Repayment of finance lease instalments + Finance costs paid (8)
(8)   The reference financial ratio is calculated on an annualized basis